KK Counselling

Child-Like Energy


If you’re fortunate enough to have children around, you’ve witnessed the boundless energy they have until they fall down at bedtime. Children don’t overanalyze situations, they simply follow their instinct for joy, seeing everything as an opportunity for adventure. When you choose to greet your day with child-like energy, you[…]

Start Moving


Stop waiting for something “out there” to magically happen to change your life; YOU are the magic that can make life fulfilling and happy.  Your life changes the day you stop blaming and start owning your own existence.  People will let you down in life, and unfair, painful circumstances will[…]

Slipper Wisdom


There’s nothing better than sliding into a warm pair of slippers that are worn in just right. If you think back to when you purchased your favourite slippers, you’ll remember yours being just like all the other 50 pairs lined up on the shelf. Without even having a pre-determined right[…]

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