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15 minutes to change


When looking out at a NEW YEAR ahead, it can be exciting for people to set HUGE goals and life-changing resolutions, yet, in my office this week, the theme has been the power of small changes. Upon reflection over the past year, my clients and I have noticed that the[…]

Believing is Seeing

Love Yourself, Motivational, YOU

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I need to express my gratitude to the clients I spend time with everday; I’ve learned so much from the journeys I share with them, it’s hard to sum it all up in a short little article.  I’ve been witness to miraculous changes in the[…]

Make time to Reflect and Plan

Motivational, YOU

Make time every day (or at least once a week minimum) to reflect and plan.  When we are mindful of our experiences and make the choice to reflect, we get to know ourselves; we stay tuned in with the life we are creating instead of getting so comfortable we stop[…]

Child-Like Energy


If you’re fortunate enough to have children around, you’ve witnessed the boundless energy they have until they fall down at bedtime. Children don’t overanalyze situations, they simply follow their instinct for joy, seeing everything as an opportunity for adventure. When you choose to greet your day with child-like energy, you[…]

Be a Voice. Not an Echo.

Love Yourself, Motivational, Perception

Sometimes it seems easier to go along with popular opinion but in a world full of people trying to be carbon copies of others, it is refreshing when you meet someone who isn’t afraid to be who they truly are. When coaching a client on happiness, I often ask the[…]

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Motivational, YOU

One of my clients said this to me in the middle of our appointment once, and I was moved by the simplicity of the quote I actually hadn’t heard before.  Absolutely nothing changes for you unless you make the decision to change certain behavior, attitudes, and habits. For many, today[…]

What I’ve Learned from my Clients


My clients are generous with their gratitude for the tips & tools given to them in our counselling sessions and as much I appreciate their affirming words, I feel compelled to return the favour by letting people know what I’ve learned from clients. Clients have taught me that humans are[…]

Start Moving


Stop waiting for something “out there” to magically happen to change your life; YOU are the magic that can make life fulfilling and happy.  Your life changes the day you stop blaming and start owning your own existence.  People will let you down in life, and unfair, painful circumstances will[…]

Slipper Wisdom


There’s nothing better than sliding into a warm pair of slippers that are worn in just right. If you think back to when you purchased your favourite slippers, you’ll remember yours being just like all the other 50 pairs lined up on the shelf. Without even having a pre-determined right[…]