Be with yourself

Be with yourself


We fill our time with beeping notifications, liking photos,  sharing posts, taking selfies and sending texts…we are distracted and caught up in everyone else’s ideas and activities so much that we often neglect the sound of our own voice.  I’ve been spending a great deal of time re-connecting with myself, tuning into my inner voice, listening for Higher Power instruction and I can honestly say that inspiration is quickly found in silence.  I come from a loud family that loves to talk and laugh and don`t get me wrong, I am grateful for the craziness I surround myself with, but lately I have also been taking great pleasure in seeking quiet time with myself.  My alone time has been spent a variety of ways: meditating, listening to motivational audio books, soaking in a lavender induced bath with dim lighting, and writing.  During this quiet reflection, incredible ideas have surfaced and I have received affirmation that the path ahead is inspiring and full of great possibilities.

Each of us have an inner sense of who we really aspire to be; we know what moves us, we believe in our gut that we are called to something important. We have so many wonderful things we want to do but we are so busy living stress filled days and nights that we push our true desires to the back of our minds hoping we will get to them another day.

You owe yourself attention.  If you commit to YOU being a priority you will find time to be alone with yourself, even if it`s only for a few minutes. Your inner voice has a great deal of wisdom to offer when you stop talking, shut out distractions and tune in.  Don`t be afraid to make time for dreaming; everything amazing in the world was created from a dream or idea.  Wisdom, creativity and inspiration are present inside of you right now, ask your inner voice to speak to you, close your eyes and listen.

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