Be A Nice Human

Be A Nice Human

Communication, Kindness


It’s a new day; be nice to the people in your world. Be kind and greet strangers with a genuine smile. Slow down for even a couple minutes throughout your day and look for ways to spread joy. Surprise people with a note of gratitude, compliment people, take an interest in them, ask questions that require more than a yes or no response.

People mistake “nice-ness” for weakness and that simply isn’t true. It takes more strength to be nice in a difficult situation than it does to lose your temper. You can be assertive, stand up for yourself, and still do so in a manner that does not shred another human being to pieces.

The world needs more nice people in it; human beings are becoming less patient every day and need to be reminded about the power of being nice to others. Technology, as wonderful as it is, can cause distraction and disconnect from human beings; we need to put our phones down, look people in the eyes, open our ears and truly connect.

In studying the word nice, one definition stated that nice is characterized by, “showing great accuracy, precision, skill, tact, care, or delicacy” This definition affirmed to me that being nice is not always simple – it requires a conscious, skillful effort on our part. We need to practice the art of achieving the delicate balance between being tactful, precise and accurate, while also holding onto human connection through genuine care and concern for others.

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