Weakness and Vulnerability are not Roommates

Weakness and Vulnerability are not Roommates

Perception, Shame, YOU

Being on a journey with people is a blessing and I recognize the strength and courage it takes for people to come to me, trusting enough to be open about their struggles with fear and hopelessness. Every story is different and experiences are unique to every individual, and yet the common thread tying most people together is the fear of allowing others to see them at their “weakest”. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I do not look at anyone sitting across from me as “weak” or “hopeless”. What I see above all else is strength, honesty and courage. To ask for help is brave. To travel beyond the fear of being judged, and move to a place of raw emotion and honesty is incredibly courageous.

When tears are flowing and anxiety is paralyzing, people feel alone and out of control; they hide their vulnerability for fear of rejection.

When I went through my depression several years ago, I have never in my life felt more isolated from “normal life” and I honestly thought I would never be “ok” again. Living in the darkness of depression, and not believing in self-worth, are frightening realities for human beings to experience. For those who have never been through depression, you cannot imagine the flow of negative, self-defeating and hopeless talk that cycles through a person’s brain on an endless loop every minute of every day. It is not something a person can “snap out of” or simply “get over”. Depression is not “logical” nor is it something anyone would consciously choose to live in.

Once people have the knowledge and understanding of the paralyzing fear and pain that accompany anxiety and depression, they can then see and appreciate the strength it takes for someone to ask for help.

When you embrace your vulnerability and seek help, whether it’s from family, friends, professionals, a higher power, or a combination of these, you are in fact showing your inner strength to the world around you. It is brave to admit that you need help. It is wise and courageous to create a support system of positive influences for yourself. It is inspiring to those around you when they witness your vulnerability and open-mindedness in trying new ways to feel worthy of happiness again.

You deserve love, joy and happiness in your life. Share your story with positive, empathetic people, worthy of hearing and it, and in doing so, believe that you are taking the first step in moving through the darkness to light; believe me…you matter to the world.

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