If your child only learned ONE thing…they could change the world with it.

If your child only learned ONE thing…they could change the world with it.

Communication, Kindness, Perception, Relationships

Every person is struggling with something and the greatest tool we can equip our children with is the ability to empathize with others. We need to judge less and care more. People of all ages face the daily struggle of being consumed with anxiety and fear, and have to force themselves to get out of bed in the morning. Teach yourself and your children to care deeply for others and to really imagine what it is like to walk in another person’s shoes.

I have several teenagers I am counselling right now and it pains me to see them being held hostage by anxiety, paralyzed by fear of being judged and ridiculed by their peers; they feel alone and misunderstood. Cruel words that were said to them in passing, even years ago, cut them so deeply that they now choose to fade into the background, never drawing attention to themselves.

Anxiety is not rare; it is prevalent in the lives of countless children, teens and adults. Anxiety is not shameful and yet very few people discuss it openly. Look at the people around you and know the that each person you see is fighting through things you know nothing about; remind yourself that a person’s story goes far beyond the happy moments showcased on Facebook and Instagram.

Empathize with others instead of judging them. Challenge yourself and your family to be better. Recognize fear and vulnerability in another human being and lift them up through kindness and respect. Behind the walls of anxiety are amazing people that are intelligent, talented, funny, and creative; fear is the thief robbing the world of seeing who they really are. Remember…our greatest treasures are rarely stumbled upon easily, they are often hidden in the darkness, waiting for someone to uncover them.

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