Stop Getting Sucked Into Drama.

Stop Getting Sucked Into Drama.

Boundaries, YOU

You only have a limited number of moments in a day that are truly yours to find joy in – 24 tiny hours in which two-thirds or more are already consumed with sleeping, eating and working. What value do you place on those remaining six to eight hours? What promise does this precious one-third of your day hold for you? When you choose to get caught up in other people’s drama, you are essentially giving them a vital part of your own joy-seeking hours.

If you are fortunate enough to keep your own life relatively drama free, don’t allow others to pull you into their “stuff”. You can still be a good friend or family member while choosing NOT to participate in issues that aren’t yours to take on. Choose to lend an ear when you feel it’s really necessary to do so but set boundaries and give only small increments of time to people who dim your light.

Protect and value the time you have each day that is yours. Give your time and energy to yourself and the people who fuel you with their joy and positive vibes!

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