Slipper Wisdom

Slipper Wisdom


There’s nothing better than sliding into a warm pair of slippers that are worn in just right. If you think back to when you purchased your favourite slippers, you’ll remember yours being just like all the other 50 pairs lined up on the shelf. Without even having a pre-determined right or left foot, each slipper looked exactly the same.

Although they didn’t feel perfect the first day you put them on, you chose to invest in your particular pair of slippers anyway and declared them as your own. Every day you placed your feet into the slippers and in very little time magic started happening; your slippers were re-shaping themselves into something wonderfully suited just for you. Looking down you now see clearly which one is right and which one is left. There wasn’t a detailed plan in place or a great deal of effort that went into the right and left feet being created in your slippers, it happened naturally because you chose to put your feet in them and simply move forward. Now that the formation has taken place, it no longer feels right to put your foot in the wrong one – your slippers are now pointing in a very clear direction and you must follow that motion forward if you want to keep feeling good and comfortable.

Your slippers serve a purpose and so do you. If you get an inspired idea or you have a gut feeling that you are supposed to be doing something, don’t over-think it. Don’t try to figure out the “how’ Simply trust your intuition and put one foot in front of the other. Move toward something and the path will unfold before you.

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