Start Moving

Start Moving


Stop waiting for something “out there” to magically happen to change your life; YOU are the magic that can make life fulfilling and happy.  Your life changes the day you stop blaming and start owning your own existence.  People will let you down in life, and unfair, painful circumstances will arise; no one gets through life without pain and uncertainty. Despite what happens to you, it is always your reaction and attitude that determine where you stand in the world.

Do something today that moves you in the direction you want to go.  Get a journal or notebook and start dream writing; brainstorm every crazy, amazing wish you’ve ever had for your life.  What do you really like to do?  Who matters to you?  What are you passionate about?  If you could do anything, what would you do?  What skills do you want to learn?  What are you good at?  What makes you unique?  What is holding you back?  What are you afraid of?  What do you value?

Ask yourself all of these questions and write down everything that comes to mind, without analyzing any of it.  There is nothing you wrote down, that can’t be achieved if you set your mind to it.  When you’re done brainstorming, look at your list and feel each of those things as though they were actually real for you today?  How would it feel to accomplish everything you just wrote down?  Get excited about your dreams!

Now ask yourself: “What is one thing I can do today, to move myself closer to my dreams?”  Commit to doing one thing today that will make you feel actively involved in your own life.  Your life is waiting for you to engage.  No one will make your life better except YOU.

If you have pain, fear, or anger that is blocking your ability to move forward, seek help for release of negative emotions and learn new coping skills that keep you from being paralyzed.  Take ownership of your life and don’t allow anyone else’s actions to influence your attitude and determination.

You are in charge of YOU.  Do something today that moves you forward.  Do ONE thing today that moves you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.  The magic happens when you wake up each day, with an inspired commitment to understanding who you are, knowing where you want to go, and believing you are unstoppable.

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