What I’ve Learned from my Clients

What I’ve Learned from my Clients


My clients are generous with their gratitude for the tips & tools given to them in our counselling sessions and as much I appreciate their affirming words, I feel compelled to return the favour by letting people know what I’ve learned from clients.

Clients have taught me that humans are resilient; with sheer will and determination, they bounce back from devastating disappointments and sadness and begin shining brighter than they ever imagined.

Clients have also taught me about bravery;  it takes great courage and strength to ask for help.  Anyone willing to be vulnerable, honest and open to self-discovery is incredibly brave.

I’ve learned from the people I work with, that fear is the number one enemy to happiness; it paralyzes people and makes them believe they are unworthy of love and joy.  The most beautiful thing I’ve witnessed as a counsellor is seeing proof that fear can be conquered and joy can be experienced when there is a willingness to re-wire negative thought processes.

I’ve learned the power of optimism, kindness and support; I have a greater appreciation for the amazing steps forward a person can take when they are lifted up and told they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

I’ve learned the beauty of the human spirit; people living through the most painful times in their lives will tell me that when they feel better and stronger, they want nothing more than to help others who are going through similar situations.  Their empathy and compassion will be priceless gifts to anyone they reach out to help in the future, and I get excited when I think of the inspiration they will be to anyone watching them on their journey.

I’ve learned that anything is possible when people make a decision to change.  It’s never too late and it’s never impossible.  When people change their thinking patterns and re-shape their stories from negative to positive, the whole world opens up and offers limitless possibilities for joy and happiness.

I’ve been affirmed in my belief that people are amazing and that there is always much to be grateful for.


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