Child-Like Energy

Child-Like Energy


If you’re fortunate enough to have children around, you’ve witnessed the boundless energy they have until they fall down at bedtime. Children don’t overanalyze situations, they simply follow their instinct for joy, seeing everything as an opportunity for adventure.

When you choose to greet your day with child-like energy, you enjoy the present moment you’re in and do not worry about things that haven’t happened yet. You live fully for today and focus all your energy in the NOW. Little things make children happy and excited; they love to laugh and play.

Carrying the attitude of a child within frees you from worrying about the opinion of others; you naturally follow a path to your happiness without second guessing each step you take. Your inner-child is eager to learn; you are curious about everything and welcome new experiences. Your child-mind believes anything is possible, and although you need guidance on your journey, you are fearless and confident.

As an adult you are caught up in routines, deadlines, and obligations; if you aren’t paying attention, daily preoccupations can easily lead to complacency. It is essential to your happiness for you to remember who you once were before life got so busy. Make the time to go after your joy with child-like focus. Look around you and take in your surroundings; see the world through the eyes of a child. Get excited about little things again and promise yourself to take a daily time out from worrying.

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