Make time to Reflect and Plan

Make time to Reflect and Plan

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Make time every day (or at least once a week minimum) to reflect and plan.  When we are mindful of our experiences and make the choice to reflect, we get to know ourselves; we stay tuned in with the life we are creating instead of getting so comfortable we stop growing.  Reflect on your day or week, ask yourself what you did right.  Ask yourself what you learned from things that didn’t go as planned.  Ask yourself what you’ve done to get you one step closer to reaching your goals.

Look at YOUR LIFE as a project; pretend you are paid to track your own performance; rate yourself on effort and tasks accomplished.  Give yourself a pep talk about the things that didn’t go well, and then set goals for the following days and weeks.  Work toward milestones and rewards you set.

Self-evaluation is an amazing way for you to stay plugged into your life; it’s too easy to get comfortable and complacent; you always want to know what you are working for.  What moves you?  What makes you excited?  What do you feel called to?  If you ask these questions enough, the answers will come to you in incredible ways.

Reflect backward so you know where you’ve been; acknowledge what you’ve done right and what you’ve learned from tough experiences.  Plan ahead and keep moving forward.  Never stop dreaming.



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