Please take a couple minutes to watch our Video: What makes Marriage Counsellig Work or Not Work?
About Couple’s/Marriage Counselling and Relationship Coaching:

Karen has had great success with the couples she works with; she takes great pride in witnessing couples who were close to divorce, find their way back to each other by creating a new pattern of mutual respect, teamwork,  and meaningful communication.  

Karen believes that her level of success with couples is due to her process of seeing each person in the relationship separately in addition to their appointments together.  Other Counsellors/Therapists may suggest that each person find their own therapist; for Karen, the positive results from her approach to marriage counselling, speak for themselves.


Goals of Counselling:

Better Communication & Better Listening

Respecting your Partner


Exploring Intimacy

Re-connecting with your Partner

Being Assertive instead of Aggressive

Understanding triggers and deal breakers

Accepting your Partner where He or She is.

Replacing hurtful patterns with empowering ones.

Creating common goals and working together on a plan to achieve them

Setting new rules to live by in marriage

Moving forward with a true partnership in place


Choose from a package below and sessions can be used for both individual and couple’s appointments. If affordable, 10 Sessions is the recommended investment to gain the most from this experience.