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Stop Getting Sucked Into Drama.

Boundaries, YOU

You only have a limited number of moments in a day that are truly yours to find joy in – 24 tiny hours in which two-thirds or more are already consumed with sleeping, eating and working. What value do you place on those remaining six to eight hours? What promise[…]

Be A Nice Human

Communication, Kindness

  It’s a new day; be nice to the people in your world. Be kind and greet strangers with a genuine smile. Slow down for even a couple minutes throughout your day and look for ways to spread joy. Surprise people with a note of gratitude, compliment people, take an[…]

It’s Not Me – it’s YOU!

Communication, Relationships

Whose Fault is it? Far too many couples live a daily game of blame, accuse and defend; instead of standing united on common ground, they are divided by a negative line of accusations, and expectations. On one side of the line is a place of attack and on the other[…]

Give your ego a rest to be at your best.


Sometimes it just makes sense to let go of the need to be right. As much as I fully support being assertive and speaking your mind when necessary, I also believe there are many instances when we put vast amounts of energy into seeking out evidence to prove we are[…]

Weakness and Vulnerability are not Roommates

Perception, Shame, YOU

Being on a journey with people is a blessing and I recognize the strength and courage it takes for people to come to me, trusting enough to be open about their struggles with fear and hopelessness. Every story is different and experiences are unique to every individual, and yet the[…]

Your BUT hurts


9 out of 10 times, your but cancels out anything good said before it. When someone expresses an idea to you, or shares their good news and you reply with “Oh, that’s great…but…” whatever you say next directly takes away any compliment you tried to give in the beginning. Don’t[…]

Be with yourself


We fill our time with beeping notifications, liking photos,  sharing posts, taking selfies and sending texts…we are distracted and caught up in everyone else’s ideas and activities so much that we often neglect the sound of our own voice.  I’ve been spending a great deal of time re-connecting with myself, tuning into[…]

What Grief Has Taught Me


Audio Version: I lost my dad in November 2012, only 9 weeks after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  I changed forever the day he died.  Part of me was broken; I was shocked, devastated and lost.  My faith, once so strong and evident, was suddenly shaken and damaged.  For[…]