“I came to Karen during the most difficult time of my life. I slumped into her couch and cried almost the whole first session with her. I was completely broken. It was my first time meeting her and yet I could tell that she could feel my pain and was going to help me.
Karen gave me different perspectives on things and opened my eyes to so much. She is not only easy to talk to but she is encouraging, supportive and shows genuine empathy for what you’re going through.
Karen gave me the tools to re-build, to grow and be a better, or should I say, BEST version of my myself. She taught me to be proud of who I am and that gave me confidence as well. She has played a significant role in my life path and I will be forever grateful to her.”
– Jodi

“I am a 65 year old man who separated from his wife of 42 years, 6 months ago. Arriving at this difficult decision, taking the steps to carry it out and then moving forward has made the past year a tumultuous one.
I reached out to Karen Amlin for support and counsel as I moved through this challenging time in my life and she has been a godsend.
Karen takes the time to listen carefully to my thoughts and the direction I feel I should be taking. While respecting my thinking, she has a wonderful way of suggesting alternatives that I may not have considered. She has helped me to stay in focus and reminds me of why I have chosen the path I am on at times when I have wavered. When necessary she has not been reluctant to challenge my thinking if I appear to be heading in a direction that could be self-defeating.
I have truly benefited from working with Karen and she has helped me to better manage through this difficult time.”
– M

“I can’t really pinpoint when anxiety became a part of my life. Last year I began to recognize it in the form of panic attacks, chest-tightening and feeling like crawling out of my skin, but I now realize that it likely started about 10 years ago. I have suffered from severe gastrointestinal issues since I was 18, ending up in the ER almost monthly, going through every test that my specialists could think of, cutting every food out of my diet, all without positive results. I went undiagnosed; whatever was wrong with me, no-one could find it.
It wasn’t until I had my first recognizable panic attack last year that I made the connection to my “stomach attacks” (which is how I refer to the episodes that land me in the ER). I discovered that I could use deep-breathing techniques to stop a stomach attack, the same way that I could stop a panic attack. Once I accepted that I had anxiety (which, as an in-control, A-type personality with a strict plan for my life, was very difficult), I could seek the right help.

I visited Karen when I had been enduring weeks of non-stop panic and stomach attacks, missing too many days of work, and bawling my eyes out while swearing I would do anything to make it stop. My mother came to my house and dragged me there. The first session calmed me down, and got me to work and through the day. This is not a magic pill, and those horrible feelings don’t just disappear, but I learned to breathe through it. With every session, things got easier, and I did my homework. I changed my diet and I took up running and meditation, and soon the anxious feelings were gone. They start to resurface sometimes, but I recognize them and I try to nip them in the bud. I have had a lot of support from my family, and they help me to stay on track. My husband and I hope to start a family soon, so I’ve got my eye on the prize! I am a work in progress, but my anxiety no longer controls me.
This is my story, and it isn’t over yet.”

– K

“Karen is so good at what she does; she makes you feel comfortable and safe.  She has taught me to recognize my self-worth and to NOT accept bad behaviour from others.  She has taught me self-respect and self care and she challenges me to be the person I’m supposed to be.  I am so grateful for the time I have spent in her care and cannot put into words the difference it has made in my life.”


“Karen has been helping our son for a long time and the changes we have seen in him are extraordinary.  He is now more positive and determined to create a life he enjoys.  His once paralyzing anxiety has come down so much and he is now able to attend social functions and have a part time job. We used to be so worried about him because of his isolation but now we can finally breathe and worry less because we know he is ok and that he is setting goals for his life.  We are beyond thankful for what KK Counselling has done with our son and the positive changes we now see in our whole family.”


“There is something about KK Counselling that is so peaceful and comfortable; there is something about being in the counselling room that makes you feel calm and good.  Karen is not like other counsellors; she is very nice and makes you feel very comfortable.  Every time I have an appointment with her I leave feeling better and know things will be ok.”

-P  (16 year old  boy)