Karen Amlin: “This is Me…”

Karen Amlin: “This is Me…”

Through Counselling & Coaching, I empower people to change their patterns of negative thinking and reacting; I give them unique tools for seeking the peace and joy that lies within each of us.  I am not a therapist;  I cannot diagnose illness, or presecribe medication.  I am highly skilled in communications, NLP, Life Coaching and have a diploma in Counselling Skills. My clients tell me all the time that the human connection and true caring they feel in our sessions, is a huge reason for why they are experiencing positive results.

When you are armed with enough of the good stuff on the inside, the outside stuff will no longer affect you the way it used to. When negativity moves out, there is room for joy and fulfillment to settle in.

We cannot always control the events that happen in our lives, but we can choose our reaction to situations. Optimism, Gratitude, Self-Care and Forgiveness are key components of my time spent with clients. When paralyzing emotions rooted in fear, anger and bitterness are released, hope and opportunity emerge.

I feel blessed to walk alongside my clients as the weight of worry begins lifting and they start valuing who they are as individuals. I truly believe if every child were taught at a young age to say and believe the words: “I matter.” “I am worthy.” “I am here to serve others.” “I am love”…the world would be flourishing in humanity.

At KK Counselling & Coaching, people often compliment the tranquil, comfortable setting in which we meet and tell me that they appreciate the ease of flow of our discussions.  The thing said about KK Counselling most often: “There’s something very different about this…”

KK Counselling & Coaching

KK Counselling & Coaching

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Counselling & Coaching Room

Counselling & Coaching Room

Workshop Building & little pond

Workshop Building & Little Pond

My Happy Place

My Happy Place

My Strengths

I care deeply for people; I am honest, trustworthy and loyal.

I understand what if feels like to grieve for someone you love and have lost.

I went through a dark depression years ago and understand what it feels like to think there’s no hope.

I have personal experience with being part of a blended family.

I am energetic, creative and like to laugh.

I love working with women, and couples and know I also have a rare gift for connecting with children and teens.

I value family and faith.

Educational Accomplishments

Bachelor of Theology degree (Laurentian University)

Diploma in Counselling Skills

MNLP Master Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming – iNLP Center)

NLPT Certified NLP Trainer (iNLP Center)

CPC – Certified Professional Coach (World Coach Institute) 

CLC – Certified Life Coach (iNLP Center)

NCC – NLP Certified Coach (World Coach Institute) 

Currently Completing Ceritifed Business Coach 

Completed Continuing Education Credits:

Certificate in Law of Attraction

Spiritual Counselling

Anxiety 101

Psychology 101

Child Psychology 101



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